To God Be the Glory Ministries Housing Application
In an effort to avoid any miscommunication, please take the time to fully complete this application and provide all required documentation. We will ONLY respond to requests that fill out the entire application. If you are seeking other resources, please return to our website then click on TGBTGM and click on services requested. If you need assistance with this application or would like to submit documents via email, please call us at 800-736-0854 ext 805 or email us at
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What city is your housing request for? *
Please give name, date of birth, and social security number of all adults (over 18) that will be occupying the home. *
Please upload ID or Driver's License for each adult. *
List the names and dates of birth for all children under 18 that will be occupying the home. *
Marital Status *
Current/Last Address *
Are you homeless? *
Do you have income? *
Please upload most recent checkstub and other sources of income for the household. *
How long have you received your income? (If you have multiple sources of income, please tell about each one) *
Please list all of your current monthly expenses *
Have you or anyone listed on this application had any legal issues (evictions, spent time in jail)? Explain *
Please give name and phone numbers of 2 references. *
I authorize TGBTGM to contact agencies and individuals for information about me or my family for the purpose of case management and referral. The release of content includes, but is not limited to information regarding entitlements, job performance, financial/credit background, mental health history, legal history, substance abuse history, and other assistance received.I realize that any information given by or to TGBTGM will be done so for the specific purpose of improving my circumstances and meeting my needs. *
TGBTGM reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who has provided misleading information and/or to limit services. All services are based on availability of housing. I/We promise that all of the information that I have given to TGBTGM is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. If it is discovered at any time that I have misled TGBTGM, my application will be automatically denied. I agree to allow TGBTGM perform a budget analysis and check references to ensure that my needs are being addressed properly. *
To God Be the Glory Ministries (TGBTGM), a Better Than Blessed Enterprises company is an non-profit 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to bring glory and honor to God by lending a helping hand to those in surrounding communities and the world over who are in need of food, shelter, clothing, family, and most importantly Jesus.
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