ETU initiative - Survey Local Authorities
The ETU initiative is a proposal created and boosted by the Interreg Med Renewable Energy Project. The aim is to encourage the clean energy transition in rural and island areas in the Mediterranean.

For that purpose, the ETU initiative aims to shape its efforts accordingly to real needs on the ground and focus on the most relevant issues that currently are happening at local level.

The aim of the following survey is to identify the main necessities and concerns of local authorities regarding to energy transition and renewable energy communities.

Thank you very much in advance for your collaboration!

If you need any further information about us or the project, please don't hesitate to contact us:
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Which is your relation with the ETU initiative? *
Have you prepared an energy plan at local level or participated in the development of such a plan?
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At which stages of energy plan implementation have you identified the strongest concerns? (planning, implementation, monitoring phases) *
As a local authority, which are the main difficulties / obstacles in the development of energy transition plans (Please make a ranking from "most important = 1" to "less important = 6") *
Lack of adequate skills from technicians in charge of the energy plans
Engagement of citizens and civil society to local energy communities
Cost of the interventions
Administrative and bureaucratic hurdles
Land use planning restrictions
Financial schemes unavailability
Number of municipalities of your competence, have already implemented their SECAPs *
Number of municipalities of your competence, are on preliminar preparation stage of their SECAPs *
Do you know if local energy communities are already organized in the territory of your competence, if yes, please indicate the number? *
What do you think what’s necessary to improve from current policies / schemes for the development of energy transition plans in rural and low dense areas? (Please make a ranking from "most important = 1" to "less important = 6") *
RES trade between municipalities and villages
Social inclusion policies, make affordable for all the energy transition
Increase relevant financial support actions and tools
Encourage energy communities between rural areas
Attract private investment in RES
Fiscal incentives for Renewable Energies
Which kind of technical tools would your organisation be interested in? (Please choose any of the following tools) *
Would you be interested in technical training material, such as webinars, tutorials and handbooks? (Please make a ranking from "most important= 1" to "less important= 6") *
Online Tutorials
Online Workshops
Presencial Workshops
APP tools
Do you have any special suggestion for the ETU initiative? *
In your opinion, which is the main priority rural contexts should take profit for their revitalisation in the Post-Covid situation?
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