Lords Meadow Survey
Northam Town Council is keen to further improve the facilities at Lord’s Meadow recreation ground and to encourage fuller use of the site which sits between J. H. Taylor Drive and Diddywell Road. To this end, we would be grateful for your comments in the survey below.
Are you male or female
How old are you
How often do you use Lord’s Meadow?
What are your three main reasons for visiting Lord’s Meadow? Please prioritise in order of importance 1 to 3
To walk the dog
For excercise
To use play equipment
For fresh air
To play football
If other, please specify
Your answer
Can you suggest anything that would encourage you to use Lord’s Meadow more often or to stay longer?
Please rank 1-3 in order of importance (1 being the most important):
More play facilities? If so what sort?
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Better football facilities? If so what sort?
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More sport facilities? If so what sort?
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More recreational facilities
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More tree/shrub/flower planting?
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More wildlife areas?
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More seats? If so, where?
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Please specify other suggested improvements
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Overall how satisfied are you with Lord’s Meadow?
Not satisfied
Very satisfied
We would like your specific ideas about the usage of the section of Lord’s Meadow nearest to J. H. Taylor Drive (photographed).
What would you like this area used for?
Please add any further comments below
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Thank You
Thank you for taking the time to give your views on this matter. So that we can ensure you live in the area we are looking to gather information from, please include your details below. Your data will be used only for the purposes of this survey relating to Lord’s Meadow and in accordance with our Privacy Notice. It will not be used in any other capacity by Northam Town Council or shared with any other parties. If you would like to receive news updates from the Town Council by e-mail, you can sign up by indicating below. Permission can be changed or withdrawn at any time by contacting the Town Hall.
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