Learning Dragon Dreaming
We are passionate about the idea of co-creating projects for change that supports the individual development, builds communities and has a positive impact on the environment. From our practise with Dragon Dreaming we know that there is still much to learn in order to make the dream of Dragon Dreaming - a toolbox and approach for the transition - come true.

Therefore, we would be happy if you share your experience, discoveries and needs with us by answering the following questions. Your answers will help us to better support you in the spirit of Dragon Dreaming.

All the information gathered by this survey we love to use to develop a hub, which will support people to use Dragon Dreaming and encourage them to do their job wholeheartedly.
When did you hear about Dragon Dreaming for the first time?
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What attracted you to Dragon Dreaming?
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How have you learned Dragon Dreaming?
How experienced with Dagon Dreaming would you rate yourself?
What do you like about Dragon Dreaming? What has been useful?
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From your point of view: Who needs Dragon Dreaming? And why?
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Do you have a practical experience realizing a project using Dragon Dreaming
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