AdSigma Airdrop Program
We are happy to announce our Airdrop Program today. We will be distributing 600,000 tokens at a max no of participants.

Here are the requirements to participate in the Airdrop Program:

1. Follow us on Medium at:
2. Follow us on Twitter at and use hashtag #adsigma at-least 3 times in 3 different tweets
3. Join our Reddit community on
4. Share this post on your Facebook wall:
5. Watch our Youtube Video, Subscribe to channel. Link:

Confirm your participation in the program using this form.

Rules for the participation:

You can participate only once using one account.
Total 600,000 tokens will be divided equally among the participants.
Tokens will be distributed as soon as the crowd-sale is over.
Please give an Ethereum address that you can access.

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