Bike/Ped Count Sign Up (Sept 14-25)
We are asking for volunteers to help us count bikers and pedestrians at the specific locations below during the weeks of September 14-25, 2020.

This bike and pedestrian count will help us understand how and where people move in the valley. The goal is to determine specific routes/intersections/areas that cyclists and pedestrians use more frequently so improvements can be made to those areas. We ask each volunteer to dedicate a minimum of 1-2 hours to the counting.

Send them to or call Carly, Cache Trails Planner, at (435) 755-1646
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Cell phone number -- This is optional, your number will only be used to confirm that you are volunteering if we don't hear back from you via email. Your number will not be shared with anyone.
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Please select time slots that you are available to volunteer. You will receive more info via email confirming your sign-up date and time!
Tuesday, Sept 15th @ 1000 N & 800 E, Logan UT
Wednesday, Sept 16th @ 850 N & 1200 W, Logan UT
Thursday, Sept 17th @ 700 N & 900 E, Logan UT
Monday, Sept 21st @ 500 N & 200 E, Logan UT
Tuesday, Sept 22nd @ 500 N &100 E, Logan UT
Wednesday, Sept 23rd @ 400 N & 200 W, Logan UT
Thursday, Sept 24th @ 100 N & Main Street, Logan UT
Friday, Sept 25th @ 500 N & Main Street, Logan UT
Thank you!
You are awesome.
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