National Publoc School Treasure Hunt
Welcome to the Minecraft build of NPS Indiranagar!

We, the creators, have a small and fun treasure hunt planned for you to further enjoy your visit to campus. Our aim here was to take you to places you may never have visited before and we have tried our best to cover each and every corner of the school. We sincerely hope you all enjoy it!

Instructions -
Starting on the next slide, you will be presented with a clue, the answer to which is a very specific place in school. At the corresponding location, you will find a signboard with a "password" that acts as your answer to access the next clue. All locations are within the boundaries of the main campus.

Note- All Answers are CASE sensitive.
Note Me - Clues may come in handy later

The first 3 to complete the treasure hunt will earn a feature on our main Instagram handle
IG -/ @nationalpublocschool

Make sure you check out our website if you haven't already!
Website -/
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