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Let us know what we should include on your "to read" requests! All requests expire after a 6 month period from entry - you will be notified when your request expires so you can opt to renew! Fill in as much information as you can for us, but please limit to one request per form - one title or one author's catalog per entry.
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When time allows, we often search our used bookseller network for wants. If you would like your books included in this search, we can email you with the pricing we find at the time of search. The minimum price for used books ordered this way is $5, with shipping included. Book credit will cover 10% of any special ordered titles. Special orders are placed once quoted price has been paid.
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For instance, if you're looking for a certain author, let us know which titles you've read. Let us know if there are any time limits - like you need a copy for book club that meets in two months or as a gift.
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