The Blue Mind Company Impact Survey
This simple survey is meant to help us collect feedback and describe the impact and usefulness of The Blue Mind Company's work among those who have been engaged over the past decade and gather insights from those who are just discovering this work. It is not a scientific survey and the results are meant to assess, inform and guide rather that represent a global consensus. While the majority of respondents will be those who have come in contact with these research and educational efforts, we are interested in the opinions of anyone who has found their way to this survey.

"Get into the habit of using surveys as a key to unlock creative thinking. Use of ‘freetext’ options, for instance, where respondents are given space to record experiences or views in their own words, can very often provide the material for a wholly new approach." ~ Jay Williams, Director of Strategy, OnePoll/72Point

Blue Mind, inspired by the explorations of scientist and bestselling author Dr. Wallace J. Nichols, is a growing global wellness groundswell reconnecting people to water and endeavoring to change the conversation about the true value of healthy waters and oceans for good around the world.

In the past, most public health, conservation and research efforts related to lakes, rivers and oceans focused exclusively on the ecological, economic and educational value of water, but the vast emotional wellness benefits also help to make our lives better in many important and quantifiable ways.

Blue Mind is part of a growing network advancing research on and application of the cognitive, emotional, psychological, social, physical and spiritual role of water throughout the lives of all people.

We have found that water is often medicine for those who need it most and can make people healthier, more connected, creative and content, and better at what they do.

Please take a few minutes to complete this survey. Your thoughtful feedback on sharing and improving this survey is very useful!

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The Blue Mind Company Team

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A growing network of leading institutions are conducting scientific Blue Mind & Blue Health research on the cognitive, emotional, psychological, social, physical and spiritual benefits of time spent near, in, on, or under waters, and oceans.
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