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This is a baseline survey for adolescents.
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How many best friends you have? *
Do you find it easy to share your secrets with your best friends? *
Do you always believe what friends say? *
Do you think you should have girlfriend or boyfriend? *
If Yes, then why?
If No, then why?
Do you find it difficult to share your secrets with your parents? *
If Yes, then why?
If No, then why?
Who makes important decisions in your family? *
Where is baby made? *
Why do women have periods? *
Do you go to temple or worship god during periods? *
What changes girls go through after 7th standard? *
What changes boys go through after 7th standard? *
Why do teenagers get pimples on face? *
Do you use fairness cream? *
If Yes, why?
If No, why?
If given a chance what would you like to change in your body? *
Do you feel tired or weak after coming back from school? *
Do you think supplementary food (ex. Bournvita, Complan, Tropicana juices etc ) increases your height, improves your concentration and exam marks? *
Choose good touch from following options *
Choose bad touch from following options *
If someone touches you badly what will you do? *
Are you afraid of failing in exams? *
If Yes, why?
If No, why?
Is it okay for boys to cry?
Is it okay to be emotional and sensitive?
Do you use smart phone?
Which type of Apps do you use frequently? *
Teenagers should be given more freedom to take decisions. *
A girl should not work in the kitchen during periods. *
One should not take bath during periods. *
During menstruation a girl becomes unclean or impure. *
A girl should sit separately in house during her periods. *
Girls should sleep on mats during periods. *
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