XGambleOnline YOUTUBE 🎦
Video contest! 😱

This is your chance to win up to 100.000 XGAT. 🤑
There will be only 5 Winners.
1️⃣ place 100.000 XGAT (2.000,00 USD)
2️⃣ place 50.000 XGAT (1.000,00 USD)
3️⃣ place 20.000 XGAT (400,00 USD)
4️⃣ place 10.000 XGAT (200,00 USD)
5️⃣ place 5.000 XGAT (100,00 USD)

📌 Instructions:
⁃ Create a video 2-3 minutes long.
⁃ Should be a XGamble Review or Promotional Video.
⁃ Should contain the XGamble Logo.
⁃ Should not contain copyright music.
⁃ Should contain description and your ‘’referral link’’. We will use this to measure the engagement with your video.
⁃ No specific lenguage preference (if video not in English please include subtitles in English).
⁃ Bonus points for Creativity.
⁃ Tags to be included in video description: XGambleOnline, XGamble, XGAT, Token, Blockchain, ICO, Tron, Ethereum.
⁃ Must be ‘’public’’ video.

📌How judges will determine what video is best? (Some criterias)
⁃ Video must be uploaded on YouTube in ‘’public’’.
⁃ Video that has the most amount of comments. Most interaction.
⁃ Video that has the most views.
⁃ Channel that has the most subscribers.
⁃ How many referrals did you get, and how many of them did purchases. Remember you receive 5% of each purchase.
⁃ The most creative.

🌐 Send us the link of the video, once it’s uploaded.
⏱ Contest ends 31/12/2020. Winner will be determined up to one week after contest ends.
🗓 Results will be announced trough our Twitter and Telegram.
IMPORTANT: Security measures!
In order for somebody to claim that a video is his, we will make sure to follow procedures in order to validate this.
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