Altilly Funds Claim
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The details you provide in this form will help us establish the users affected by Altilly Exchange attack.

You can use this form to claim your assets that will be paid back in the future.
Only users that had a balance with a value of more than 10 USD will be paid back.
Users that obtained funds through airdrops or faucets or any methods where they were gifted assets for free, will not be repaid.
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You understand that you will not receive assets that were gained using the faucet? *
Can you provide a list of assets you were holding with the amount? (estimate)
Do you have tx-id's or addresses that you can remember where you transferred your funds to on Altilly? Please fill in.
Alternatively, would you be willing to accept a token that can later be redeemed for other currencies at the same value? *
This will give us more time to collect the funds and pay everyone back.
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