Pontiac High School Parent Teacher Conference Spring 2016
Parents, please provide us with your feedback so we can improve our school community.
Item 1
It is evident that engaging and relevant instruction is the priority for the school principal, assistant principals(s)/deans, and teachers.
Item 2
I am satisfied with the instruction my child(ren) receives in math.
Item 3
I am satisfied with the instruction my child(ren) receives in English Language Arts (e.g. reading, writing).
Item 4
My child(ren) sees a relationship between what he/she is studying and application in his/her everyday life.
Item 5
Teachers challenge my child(ren) to do his/her best work by having consistently high expectations for learning.
Item 6
Teachers view my child(ren) as an individual and meet my child(ren)’s instructional needs through a variety of learning activities and approaches.
Item 7
Pontiac High School recognizes the achievement of students for all types of accomplishments.
Item 8
Opportunities are provided for my input on school decisions.
Item 9
Pontiac High School uses a variety of means to communicate with parents.
Item 10
My student’s math skills have improved since the beginning of the year.
Item 11
My student demonstrates writing proficiency compared to the beginning of the year.
Item 12
My student demonstrates reading proficiency from the previous course.
Item 13
I know what the PHS School Improvement Plan Goals are for 2015-2016.
Item 14
I think that PHS School Improvement Plan Goals are achievable.
Item 15
Parents play a key part in the school's decision making process.
Item 16
Parents play a key role as members of the Instructional Leadership Team.
Item 17
Parents are involved in the implementation of the school improvement plan.
Item 18
Parents play a key role in supporting the school's climate and culture.
Item 19
Parents feel welcome and appreciated when they come to the school building.
Item 20
I want to participate more in my child (ren)'s education, but I am unsure how to become involved.
Item 21
I would support the school by joining a parent committee. (Please, add your name and contact info at the sign-in table)
Item 22
Has Blended Learning (Moodle, Big Ideas etc.) been effective in helping your child(ren) master the curriculum?
Item 23
I would like to receive more ChromeBook Training.
Item 24
Additional Comments/ Questions/ Concerns
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