Pontiac High School Parent Teacher Conference Spring 2016
Parents, please provide us with your feedback so we can improve our school community.
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It is evident that engaging and relevant instruction is the priority for the school principal, assistant principals(s)/deans, and teachers.
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I am satisfied with the instruction my child(ren) receives in math.
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I am satisfied with the instruction my child(ren) receives in English Language Arts (e.g. reading, writing).
Item 4 *
My child(ren) sees a relationship between what he/she is studying and application in his/her everyday life.
Item 5 *
Teachers challenge my child(ren) to do his/her best work by having consistently high expectations for learning.
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Teachers view my child(ren) as an individual and meet my child(ren)’s instructional needs through a variety of learning activities and approaches.
Item 7 *
Pontiac High School recognizes the achievement of students for all types of accomplishments.
Item 8 *
Opportunities are provided for my input on school decisions.
Item 9 *
Pontiac High School uses a variety of means to communicate with parents.
Item 10 *
My student’s math skills have improved since the beginning of the year.
Item 11 *
My student demonstrates writing proficiency compared to the beginning of the year.
Item 12 *
My student demonstrates reading proficiency from the previous course.
Item 13 *
I know what the PHS School Improvement Plan Goals are for 2015-2016.
Item 14 *
I think that PHS School Improvement Plan Goals are achievable.
Item 15 *
Parents play a key part in the school's decision making process.
Item 16 *
Parents play a key role as members of the Instructional Leadership Team.
Item 17 *
Parents are involved in the implementation of the school improvement plan.
Item 18 *
Parents play a key role in supporting the school's climate and culture.
Item 19 *
Parents feel welcome and appreciated when they come to the school building.
Item 20 *
I want to participate more in my child (ren)'s education, but I am unsure how to become involved.
Item 21 *
I would support the school by joining a parent committee. (Please, add your name and contact info at the sign-in table)
Item 22 *
Has Blended Learning (Moodle, Big Ideas etc.) been effective in helping your child(ren) master the curriculum?
Item 23 *
I would like to receive more ChromeBook Training.
Item 24
Additional Comments/ Questions/ Concerns
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