CTPO FPP (Fundraising Participation Points) Request Form
Please complete this form when requesting a "scholarship award" from a student's Fundraising Participation Points (to be applied to choir and theatre related events, services, items and activities).

Submit this form at least seven (7) days in advance of the date that payment is needed. Failure to submit the FPP Request Form at least seven days in advance of the deadline may result in denial of the request.

Under no circumstances will a scholarship award be payable to a student or parent. There are NO exceptions to this rule.

Fill out a separate form for each student.

The most current FPP information will be accessible for viewing on the www.gbnctpo.org website.

What are Fundraising Participation Points?
Unless otherwise stipulated by the Fundraising Chairperson, points translate on a 1:1 ratio (one point = one dollar scholarship award consideration) and pending the student point total at the time of the request.
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If you have questions about student's Fundraising Participation Points, please contact Scholarship Committee Member Carol Currie at carolcurrie@bjorkgroup.com or 312-464-7080.
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