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Thanks for helping us crowdsource the largest and best Black Friday Software & Saas Deal list of 2019! You get lot's of benefits for doing so. Only post your email address if you want a chance to win prizes. Scroll to the bottom to read more about your 6 benefits and our 2 rules :-)
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Your 6 great benefits & 2 rules to follow :-)
Thanks for helping crowdsource the largest and best Black Friday Software & Saas Deal list of 2019!

If you have read the part below, just skip further down and add your deal.


1. You get to find and add deals to the Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal Dashboard using YOUR affiliate link! That's right, your deals will be added to the dashboard, and together we will send traffic to it, increasing your chances of earning referrals!

2. If you yourself have a deal that fits in one of the categories of the form, please add it! I'm sure many of you have something that fits in the Training category, for example.

3. I will mention all new deals added in the Vumiu newsletter. That's your deal spread to close to 500 subscribers.

4. Everyone who adds at least 1 deal earns a chance to win $50! This will be drawn randomly between all contestants on december 4th.

5. The person who adds most deals will get $50!

6. You get to help our community. The more people who add deals, the better informed buying decisions we all can make during this deal extravaganza.

7. Share the deal dashboard with people, it's in all our interest, as I explained above :-) It's located here:

If you have input on layout, copywriting, content, wording or other questions or comments, please tell us in this dedicated thread in the Vumiu Facebook group.

To easily keep track of additions & winners, we use your email. It will only be used to keep track of how many deals you add and to draw the main prize. Winners will be drawn on december 4th, and receive notice by the given email.

1) Do NOT add deals from Appsumo, ByPeople, DealFuel, Dealify, DealMirror, MasterBundles, MightyDeals, PitchGround, Rebeliance, SaaSWiz, Saas Mantra, ValuableDeals, Webmaster Deals or StackSocial. These are in the regular Vumiu Lifetime Deal Dashboard. If you add deals from these sites, they will be deleted from the BF dashboard, and will not count nor earn a chance to win.

2) All URLS should go directly to the product mentioned, if possible. Not to "collection" posts / "best deals" posts etc.
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