Luminescence (The Rayne Trilogy #1)
Luminescence is a B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree. "This tells a reader that this book is well worth their time and money!"

We hope that you will help us get the word out about this novel, set in the deep future.

In the dawn of The Rebirth Period, a new species of humans dominates the Earth. Abhorring the languages of the Ancients—the Homo sapiens—they establish a universal tongue and call it The Standard.

In this coming of age story, Rayne isn’t the average teen. To everyone in her colony, she’s less. In the early hours of their second birthday, the Homo praestans experience the Luminescence and awaken to a mystical ability. But the Luminescence never came to Rayne that night.

Her peers mock her, most of her colony shuns her, her adoptive father is embarrassed by her existence, and her adoptive mother is apathetic towards her at best.

On her 17th birthday, she awakens from a night which she never should have experienced. Convinced it will change her life for the better, she's devastated when her parents force her to keep the thing which finally makes her normal a secret. But when the Luminescence comes to her twice more, her longing to be normal is now a shattered dream.

Desperate to learn why this is happening to her 15 years late, she soon realizes the answers lie beyond her colony. She must seek council with the Board, the governing body of her society. If anyone has the answers, they will. But before her chance ever comes, she’s involved in a deadly incident which threatens the life of another. As her world unravels, she becomes even more hated. They used to call her "Sape." Now they label her an abomination.

Once longing for purpose and belonging in her colony, she’s now desperate to leave the only life she’s ever known to uncover the truth on her own, and to discover if there are others out there who are just like her.

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