Food, Bodies + Liberation June 1: Registration
June 1, 2019

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10am - 12pm PST
11am - 1pm MST
12pm - 2pm CST
1pm - 3pm EST

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Sliding scale $25-50


This workshop (2 hrs) is designed as a space for practice, reflection, play and inquiry specifically for folks who identify as queer, trans and non-binary who live with eating disorders / emotional eating + body image struggles.

Do you long to feel free — every day — in your body?

What might your body liberation look and feel like, given your histories with food, self-criticism and trauma?

Just as our social relationships can become toxic and harmful, so can our connection to food. To survive, we need each other and need to eat. This workshop will share energetic healing practices that help to shift and reweave these relationships in our bodies. This workshop is open to all bodies and all genders and will provide a confidential space to explore how our bodies navigate eating and food for survival, using energy healing, storytelling and guided meditation. As we move towards greater liberation in our bodies, we are freed up to more joyfully create connections that feed and nurture us deeply.

This workshop is led by Syd Yang, who will also be pulling stories from their latest memoir: Release: A Bulimia Story, to highlight the importance of our intersections in designing a path forward in recovery. The work is rooted in a liberation centered, social justice + anti-oppression framework.

The space will provide a variety of healing practice that will offer up rest and contemplation — as well as movement and action, in both individual + collective spaces.


Syd is a mixed race/Taiwanese American queer healer, intuitive counselor and writer who weaves together magic, possibility and intention as an energy healer in the world through their practice, Blue Jaguar Healing Arts. As someone who lives with depression and anxiety, and has recovered from severe eating disorders, Syd's work finds its resonance in the stories we each hold at the intersection of memory, body, sexuality and mental health. Syd works with individuals as well as regularly leads workshops, community healing circles and has been a group facilitator for over two decades, with a specific focus on grief, healing ancestral trauma, sexuality + spirituality, body liberation and eating disorder recovery. More at +

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