Personal Food Computer - Community Survey (Jan 2017)
A short survey to collect metrics on satisfaction, lessons learned, ease of use/interaction, community demographics, performance, etc. related to the build and use the OpenAg™ Personal Food Computer (PFC).
If you are building/have built a Personal Food Computer (PFC), where are you located?
Which of the following is the most appealing aspect of the PFC for you?
If you have built a PFC, how difficult was it to build?
Very easy
Very hard
How would you rate your technological literacy, overall?
Very weak
Very strong
In relation to building a PFC, in which of these areas do you feel proficient?
The PFC is a good tool to study different disciplines (e.g., Mechanics, Electronics, Programming, Health, Chemistry, Biology, etc.)
The PFC performs well
Which feature will you appreciate the most in future versions of the PFC?
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