Redeem Your Supporter Voucher
Please answer the following questions and we will do our best to get it ASAP, but there may be a delay because the item has to manually retrieved, verified and activated. If your voucher has not been redeemed within 96 hours, please make sure that you followed all instructions, then message If you need to redeem more than one voucher, please leave a note in the 'additional notes' section.

In order to redeem a voucher, you MUST be registered on the Empire Minecraft forums at

**Looking to be a supporter instantly??? Vouchers are not the only way to activate a supportership. You can purchase supporter memberships on the forums at If you wish to activate for only one cycle, just cancel the supportership after activating. It will be activated within a few moments and requires no manual action on our part. It's the fastest way to become a supporter!
What is your username? *
Which type of supporter voucher is it? *
What vault page is the voucher currently in? *
It must be in a vault page to be redeemed. If you purchased the voucher online, please check your in-game mail.
Are there any special notes to go with this voucher redemption?
Things such as redeeming for a friend, using multiple vouchers, etc should be listed here.
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