Amrita Jayanti 2017
Koti Gurupaduka Mantra Japam- Chanting of the Gurupaduka mantra 10 million times
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I am in the business of happiness, says our Guruji...
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Sri Matre Namaha... Sri Gurubhyo Namaha

In reverence to our most benevolent teacher, Guruji Sri Amritananda Natha Saraswathi, who so lovingly showed us the path to the Divine Mother, let us reaffirm our dedication to His lotus feet. Come, be a part of the Koti Gurupaduka Mantra Japa - chanting of the Guru Mantra every day for 80 days, by his disciples from all over the world. Koti in Sanskrit means 10 million. On Sep 26th, which is his birthday, a Homam will be performed with these Mantra dedications. All disciples are invited to be a part of these celebrations at Devipuram.

Guruji may have given different Guru Mantras to different disciples. You may chant the one you received from him.

Pl fill in the details below so that we may achieve the target of Koti Guru Mantra Japam by Sep 25th in a smooth way. And share this link with other disciples..

Sarvam Sri Guru Padaravindam arpanamastu

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Pl confirm your presence in Devipuram for Guruji's birthday celebrations Sep 26th 2017
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