MOVING BEYOND youth exchange - application form
MOVING BEYOND - youth exchange, in Romania, from 6th of July to 15th of July 2021.
For youth between 18 to 25 years old (with exceptions until 30 years old).

Please answer to all the questions until 7th of June.
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What do you want to learn from this youth exchange? What do you want to gain from this project? *
What are your international experiences until now? Have you participated in other youth exchanges? (if Yes, please tell us few things about them) *
Tell us few things about one of your dreams? *
What are your passions and talents? What are you good at? *
Do you have any special needs that we should know about (health problems, diseases, allergies, diets etc.)? *
How is your situation regarding COVID-19? Are you vaccinated, were you infected with the virus etc.? *
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