Gettysburg College Authors / Faculty Notebook Submission Form
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Guidelines for inclusion in the College Author Reception and/or Faculty Notebook
The annual College Authors Reception celebrates published scholarship that is substantive and original, including journal articles, books, book chapters, creative fiction and nonfiction, music compositions, and music recordings. Submissions received by December 31 will be honored at the spring College Authors Reception (, co-sponsored by Musselman Library and the Provost's Office. Publications submitted after that date will be recognized at the following year's reception. Work that has been previously published and celebrated at the reception will not be included in the reception again.

Many other forms of scholarship, creative performance, or authorship are recognized as valuable, significant, and relevant to promotion and tenure. These will be included in the Faculty Notebook (, which highlights accomplishments and activities of academic interest.

This form is for use by Gettysburg College faculty, administrators, and support staff. Students interested in sharing published works with the community should contact and/or use the Cupola nomination form to report publications (
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