Course Selection Form 2019/2020
This form will help us plan your academic schedule. Please review Tilton School's graduation requirements prior to completing this form. They can be found in our 2019-2020 Course Descriptions . You must select at least one English course. A minimum of 5 credits per year is required. College Counseling strongly recommends that you take 5 academic courses in addition to any art electives that you select.

Summer work for AP courses can be found on our website in the Academic sectiion in AP Summer Work. You must complete the summer work for the course or your schedule will be modified in the fall.

Contact information for questions regarding course selection: 9th Graders - Eliza Smith,, 10th Graders - Ellissa Popoff,, 11th, 12th, PG Grades - Mike Landroche, Student and parent should complete this form together. Please complete this form as soon as possible or by June 15th at the latest.

Typical course schedule by grade.

9th Grade
Foundations in Literature & Composition
Math course – various levels
Biology (If biology has already been taken, the next course would be Conceptual Physics.)
World History: Foundations
Spanish/French – various levels
Introduction to the Arts

10th Grade
European Literature & Composition
Math course – various levels
Conceptual Physics (If biology has not been taken, it should be taken in 10th Grade.)
World History: Explorations or Honors World History
Spanish/French – various levels
Art Course

11th Grade
American Literature, Honors American Literature or Adv Rhetorical Analysis (AP Language & Composition)
Math course – various levels
US History (Regular, Honors or AP)
Spanish/French – various levels

12th/PG Grade
World Literature, Honors World Literature or Adv Literary Analysis (AP Literature & Composition)
Math course – various levels
AP Science or Elective
AP Social Science or Elective
Spanish/French – various levels

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2nd English Course
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