Contribution Form for the Fanzines! Festival 2015
If you're sending us a zine for the fourth edition of the FANZINES! Festival in October 2015, please fill out the form below so that the librarians may process and catalog your contribution.
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These are the categories used by the libraries in Paris. Please check those that apply to your contribution. Photographie = Photography; Graphisme = Graphic Design; Bande dessinée = Comics; Jeunesse = Children's Books; Essais = Essays (Includes literary genres; historical, political, and ecological opinions; genres of cinema; theatre and performance art; sexuality; sports); Musique = Music.
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Before you hit "submit": please print the form!
Before you submit your responses, please print the filled-out form and send it to us together with your zine - otherwise we won't be able to pair the contributions with your responses!
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