Wedding Photographer/Videographer Guidelines
Every wedding service at Eastminster is a service of reverential worship with God as the focus. For this reason these guidelines are in place. Thank you for your cooperation.
• You may not use flash photography during the service.
• You may be at the front of the Sanctuary to take pictures of the bridal party as they walk down the aisle. After the processional is complete you must move to another area of the Sanctuary.
• You may have a photographer in the choir loft as long as they stay in the choir loft for the entire service. You may also have a remote camera in the choir loft that must stay there throughout the service.
• You may sit within the congregation, but must use a mirrorless, noiseless camera.
• You may use either of the far, side aisles down to the second column.
• You may roam freely in the back row and in the balcony.

For more information or if you have any other questions please address the EPC Pastor presiding over the ceremony.

By typing your name here you are acknowledging these guidelines and agreeing to cooperate with the EPC Pastor present at the wedding ceremony. *
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