Returning Transfer Student Application
Dear Parent/Guardian,

Thank you for your continued support of Whiteface CISD and our small town #WCISDFAMILY atmosphere! WCISD focuses on the INDIVIDUAL support each student needs, where you are more than just a number, you are FAMILY! Please note that we have extremely limited availability District wide for new students as parents in our area also want; small classes, individualized instruction, a family atmosphere, and the hands on engaging curriculum that WCISD provides. The priority deadline for all applications for returning transfer students is June 1st. Applications received after that time will be reviewed in the pool with all new applications. Please familiarize yourself once again with the transfer agreement. Your child must re-apply each year. Automatic admission is not guaranteed. All applications are reviewed annually and evaluated against the transfer guidelines.
Please also note that this form includes an area titled “Future Student Application” this is for younger siblings that are not old enough to be enrolled in public schools currently but will be in the future. This information helps us plan to ensure we continue to keep class sizes small and offer the individualized instruction that makes WCISD family.  

Thank you,
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Transfer Guidelines
1. Transfers are effective for the current school year only.  District approval of the transfer creates no right or expectation that the student will be admitted as a transfer for any subsequent school year.

2. The transfer is approved for the named student only.  District approval of the transfer creates no right or expectation that another student from the same family will be admitted as a transfer.

3. Student must maintain acceptable levels of attendance, academic achievement, and compliance with the Student Code of Conduct throughout the entire school year.  Acceptable levels are defined as:

      a.  Attendance that does not place the student at risk of losing credit under Education      
   Code 25.092 or require the district to warn the parent or the student of truancy
   proceedings under Education Code 25.095;
     b.  Academic achievement that results in a passing grade in all courses by the end of the
  semester.  At the end of each grading period, the student should receive no more than
  one grade that is below passing; and

 c. Compliance with the Student Code of Conduct that results in no offenses requiring removal to an Alternative Education Program or expulsion and no more than two referrals each grading period for other Code of Conduct infractions.
4. Parent(s) must comply with and observe all District policies and reasonable District and campus procedures and requirements.

5. The superintendent may revoke the transfer of a student who fails to maintain an acceptable level of attendance, academic achievement, or compliance with the Student Code of Conduct during a semester or who fails to pay tuition on time.

6. The superintendent may revoke the transfer of student whose parent(s) do not comply with and observe all District policies and reasonable District and campus procedures and requirements.

7.  If this agreement is revoked, revocation ordinarily will be effective at the end of a semester; however, the Superintendent has discretion to revoke the transfer at the end of the grading period in which a standard for continued admission is violated.  If this agreement is revoked for nonpayment of tuition, revocation will be effective immediately. Policy FDA(LOCAL), attached to this Agreement, explains the procedure for revocation.

8.  Tuition of $0.00 per semester must be paid in advance on or before the first instructional day of each semester. If it is necessary for the Superintendent to revoke a transfer for any reason, the District will refund a pro-rated portion of any tuition paid in advance.

9.  The parent or the student will be responsible for transportation to and from the district school to which the student is assigned.

10. Except as modified by this Transfer Agreement, the student will be subject to all policies, regulations, rights, privileges, and responsibilities of enrollment in the district as if he or she resided in the district.

11. The parent/guardian or the student will not be able to transfer guardianship for purposes of enrolling in the district if the student’s transfer has been revoked or denied by Whiteface CISD.
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