SOLD: "For-ever Ezra" by David Cohen
Bidding ended on October 31, 2017, with the high bird of $3,500. Thanks to all for your interest, and to the winning bidder for your generosity. The artist David Cohen will donate the proceeds, minus shipping costs, to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

Thank you!

About the Artist and the Work:

David M Cohen began his adventure with bird carving after coming in contact with several master carvers at the Green Briar Nature Center on Cape Cod. He began working on songbirds with an eye toward replicating their natural behaviors and subsequently, after becoming “addicted” to watching Cornell Lab’s Red-tailed Hawk site, fell in love with raptors and learning about their amazing lives.

David’s style of carving is often referred to as “power” carving since it utilizes power tools as well traditional carving instruments. All of the work is originally designed and done by hand at an alarmingly slow and detailed pace. Keeping the bird’s anatomy as accurate as possible is always a prime consideration.

David uses tupelo and basswood for his sculpture, woods that are especially suited for this type of work due to their density and grain characteristics. After the wood is “sculpted” into the design, each feather group is defined and textured. Once all of that is completed the painting and mounting process get underway. A typical work can take several months to complete.

In the spring of 2017, David began work on a 1/2-size study of Ezra, the male Red-tailed Hawk viewed on the Cornell Lab of Ornithology's Bird Cams site. This work was preparation for a life-size nest scene David has designed which is based on the countless hours of observation of Big Red and Ezra over the past five years. When the sad news of Ezra’s passing came out this spring, David was determined to complete the study of Ezra and share it with the bird cam community.

Video: Watch an interview with David Cohen about For-Ever Ezra
For-ever Ezra by David Cohen
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