God Still Loves You: John 13:36-14:4
Have you messed up badly? This 5 minute course is great news!
INSTRUCTIONS: Watch the video and answer the below questions.
God Still Loves You: Source text, John 13:36-14:4
1. Jesus is never wrong. *
10 points
2. Jesus said that everyone, including Peter, would abandon Him. *
10 points
3. Peter probably felt troubled, because Jesus was his best friend, and Jesus said Peter would abandon him. *
10 points
4. In John 14:1, Jesus said: *
15 points
many rooms.
prepare for you.
Fathers house has
I'm going to
Do not let your hearts
5. Jesus knows you are going to sin, before you do, and *
0 points
6. Peter had to repent, so... *
10 points
7. When you sin you should... *
10 points
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