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    Study Skills - Learn how your brain learns, fun tricks to help you remember things, and organizational skills that will make you successful!!!              
    Kid President Club - All about making other people feel special, loved and a part of the Cypress Grove family.  We will do positive post-it notes; celebrate great staff members; write letters to former elementary school teachers; leave a note in a library book - and LOTS of other fun things (just like Kid President would do!) to encourage and brighten the day of others.                             
    Zentangle - Doodle much?  Come and learn the new fun way to doodle with Zentangles.                             
    “The Art of the Brick” (Legos) - “You can create anything you can imagine” -Nathan Sawaya Master Lego Builder; Challenges for the Week: -Build anything that flies; -Build a new invention; -Build an animal in it’s habitat; -Build something from your favorite movie or book                          
    Cursive Handwriting - Learn to write in cursive!                          
    Dominoes - Come play dominoes and learn different games!                         
    Book Club - Do you enjoy a quiet, soothing place to escape into your favorite book?  Bring a book and a blanket and get lost in reading!  (Blanket optional, of course!)                        
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