Alameda County Arts Commission Community Identifier Projects
in Unincorporated Alameda County - Castro Valley, San Lorenzo, & Ashland/Cherryland
Share your thoughts about the best designs for the Community Identifier Projects!
The Community Identifier Projects involve designing and painting the name of the community along with other design elements on freeway overpasses in three unincorporated communities of Alameda County. The overall goal is to create community gateway markers that help support a positive and welcoming environment for both the community and visitors. Everyone is invited to give feedback about the best ideas. One proposal for each community will be selected.
The Community Identifier Project concept was developed through community interest and support. It was designated as an official project of the Alameda County Arts Commission by the Alameda County Board of Supervisors in August 2016. The freeway overpasses identified for the Community Identifier Projects are under the control of the CA State Department of Transportation (Caltrans). Caltrans allows text and limited design elements as part of their Community Identification Program. Practicing, professional artists will be selected through an open competitive selection process to design and paint the Community Identifiers. It is anticipated that the projects will be complete in the Fall of 2018.
Locations of Community Identifiers
1. Castro Valley - 580 Highway Overpass at Redwood Road
2. San Lorenzo - 880 Highway Overpass at Hesperian Boulevard
3. Ashland/Cherryland - 238 Highway Overpass at Mission Blvd / E. 14th Street
Artist Selection Process
The Community Identifier Projects are taking place concurrently in 3 separate communities. Each community has its own Artist Selection Committee who will select an artist to create the Community Identifier for their community. The Selection Committees are comprised of community members and local artists. The three Selection Committees met in March 2017 to review the qualifications and past artwork of forty artists in the Project Pool. Each of the Selection Committees identified five artists as semi-finalists who were invited to create proposals for their site. Artists could be selected as semi-finalists for more than one site and may receive a contract to create the artwork at more than one site. The Selection Committees will reconvene in September to interview the semi-finalists and each Committee will select one artist to create the Community Identifier for their community. Presentations about the selected artists and their designs will be made to community groups in the unincorporated areas in late September and October. The Alameda County Public Art Advisory Committee, the Members of Arts Commission, and the Alameda County Board of Supervisors must approve the selected artists.
View and Submit Feedback on the Artists' Proposal Designs
Click on the links below to view and submit your feedback:

CASTRO VALLEY Proposal Designs, click here:

SAN LORENZO Proposal Designs, click here:

ASHLAND/CHERRYLAND Proposal Designs, click here:

Learn More and Get Connected
Please see the Community Identifier Project Update to LEARN MORE about the overall project, artist selection process and selection committee members, next steps, and final approval process. Copies are available at the proposal display sites and online at:

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