The Phillipian "Commencement Commemorations," Family Advertisements
During the weekend of May 31st to June 2nd, The Phillipian will publish its annual Commencement issue, a longer version of the paper that captures major events that occurred throughout the school year. Commencement issues will be sold during that weekend, and we are offering the opportunity to commemorate your students' achievements through a Family Advertisement in the issue. Last year, nearly 100 families dedicated a commemoration to their student(s), and, this year, we hope to achieve 100% family participation. Members of The Phillipian will work closely with you to ensure that your family advertisement features all of the photos and messaging you want to include about your child and/or student organization in a professional manner. The deadline for completion of this form is Wednesday, May 1st, 2019. Extensions can be provided upon request.
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Please note: spaced and color-blocked collages are not available for small and medium advertisement purchases. If you choose 'Other,' please describe the layout of the advertisement that you wish to include in the Commencement edition. The types presented are mere templates of what your advertisement(s) may look like.
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If you have any questions, contact Aissata Bah, Chief Financial Officer, at Please send your photos to
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