Syllabus Spanish 2 Spring 2021
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I. Course Rationale
22 credits are required by the state of Tennessee for high school graduation, of which 2 credits must be in a foreign language. This course is designed to meet one of these credits.

In this course, students will be required to master the Modern World Language Tennessee Academic Standards at a Intermediate Low level of proficiency (according to the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages: ACTFL). The following five areas are the Tennessee Academic Standards' cornerstones:

A. Interpersonal: spoken & written conversing
B. Interpretive: reading & listening with comprehension
C. Presentational: speaking & writing
II. CULTURE (Hispanic cultures)
A. Perspectives
B. Practices
C. Products
A. Language
B. Cultural

The description of the required proficiency levels can be found on the classroom website:
or in the state standards at:
II. Course Supplies
Students will be expected to bring these supplies to class with them DAILY in order to be considered prepared for class in the Classroom Culture weekly grading rubric:

-1” or 1 ½” 3 ring binder
-Filler binder paper (college ruled is preferred)
-a pack of at least 8 binder section dividers
-Pencils—at least 2 with lead (NO pens due to their permanent nature)
-Handouts from all previous lessons
-Notes given/taken in class from ALL previous lessons
-3” x 5” Notecards
-Device with internet access at home**

**I will be utilizing technological devices periodically in class.However, I send out reminders, notifications, & assignments through the Remind app & post them on the classroom website. Please communicate with me if for any reason your student will not have internet access with a device at home**
III. Classroom Norms: Keep it R.E.A.L.!
IV. Grading
The Tennessee State Board of Education’s Uniform Grading Policy is followed for this course:
Grade Percentage Range:
A: 93-100
B: 85-92
C: 75-84
D: 70-74
F: 0-69

Policy located here:

The course grade is weighted with the below percentages:
• Formal Assessments (80% of final grade)
• Informal Assessments (20% of final grade)
V. Coursework
VI. Missed/Late work, & Academic Support
VII. Academic Support
Available Academic Support:
• Classroom website:
• Schoology
• PASS Program – before and after school peer tutoring program

A free language-learning App for tablets & smartphones, as well as a website, is DuoLingo.

Extra practice websites to help reinforce learning are:

Study Spanish
Todo Claro
The Spanish Dude
Why not Spanish?
VIII. Bathroom Policy
Students are expected to use the restroom in between classes or on breaks, just as staff is expected to do so (barring an emergency or sickness). They are allowed to use the bathroom in my class once a week with their personal, assigned bathroom pass. IF a student does NOT have their personal pass, they may NOT go to the restroom during class. Students ask & receive permission to go to the restroom in Spanish. Students MUST sign out upon leaving & sign in upon returning to class. Students are expected to use the restroom on the South Hall & return to class in a reasonable amount of time (10 minutes or less). If these expectations are not met, then bathroom privileges will be revoked. If there are extenuating health considerations, please communicate this to me or school administration in order to accommodate these needs.
VIIII. Electronic Devices & the Classroom
X. Proposed Course Calendar
Throughout the semester, students will create an online, digital, Spanish storybook using or This book will need to have integration of the vocabulary, grammar, & culture learned in each unit. It is the student’s creativity that decides how to implement these (ex.: creating multiple chapters, having a character daydream, time travel, or multiple short stories) During the last week of the semester, they will present in Spanish in front of the class with a show & tell of their book. Class time will not be allotted to this feat, but reminders to be creating it will be announced or posted on Schoology, the class website, the classroom, &/or the Remind application.

Introduction: Pretest of Spanish I content knowledge, Tuesday January 5 or Wednesday January 6
-Norms -Classroom Community -Review Spanish I
-Procedures -Modern Language Standards for this semester

Unit 1: Written & Oral Exam Tuesday, January 22
-Review Spanish I concepts as needed
-Vocabulary: House--chores, rooms, & items
-Grammar: Affirmative commands & present progressive
-Culture: Dia de los Reyes Magos & housing around the world

Unit 2: Written & Oral Exam Wednesday, February 8
-Vocabulary: Body Parts, Daily Routine, & Weather
-Grammar: present tense conjugation, reflexive verbs, verbs HAY & HACER
-Culture: Dominican Republic: El Día de Juan Pablo Duarte

Unit 3: Written & Oral exam Monday, March 1. Marketplace & buyer's report March 10 & 11
-Vocabulary: Clothing & Shopping, Stores/markets, Numbers from 100-1000
-Grammar: Indirect & Direct Object Pronouns, Demonstrative Adjectives, Possessive Pronouns
-Culture: Dia de San Valentin, Los Amantes de Teruel

DELETED for school year 2021: Unit 4: Project: Partner Business Interviews in Spanish presentations March 10-11
-Vocabulary: Business
-Grammar: Past tense conjugation-the Preterite
-Culture: Worldwide job market

Unit 5: Cultural Project of a Trip Friday, March 26: Itinerary of planning the trip, then a diary as if the trip took place already
-Vocabulary: Travel, places, & activities
-Grammar: Preterite & Imperfect conjugations with regular & irregular verbs alongside present tense conjugation
-Culture: Carnaval de Cadiz & (Dia de San Patricio)

Unit 6: Written Exam Monday, April 19
-Vocabulary: Animals
-Grammar: Direct & Indirect Object Pronouns & preterite
-Culture: La Semana Santa & El Lobo y Los 7 Cabritos

Unit 7: Food group projects Monday May 3 & Tuesday May 4
-Vocabulary: Food, kitchen utensils, verbiage for recipes
-Grammar: Indirect & direct object pronouns (cont) & affirmative & negative commands
-Culture: Soy una Taza, Hispanic gastronomic practices, Recipes from around the world

Unit 8: Peliculita (mini-movie) group project Monday May 17
-Vocabulary: Television (sports, news, cooking, game shows, etc.) & the movies
-Grammar: ALL grammar from the semester (present/past tenses) & verbs that work like gustar in present & past tense
-Culture: Hispanic movies & television shows (telenovelas)

STORYBOOK PRESENTATIONS: Tuesday May 18-Thursday May 20

The teacher and/or school administration reserve the right to change or adjust this syllabus at any time.
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