Vail's 2019 Kris Kringle Market

It's September and the days are getting shorter - this can mean only one thing. Time to start planning for the holiday season! On your marks, get set, HO HO HO! The application process for the Kris Kringle Market has begun. You should apply! All the other reindeer are doing it.

This year we are holding the market a little bit earlier; on black Friday after Thanksgiving. The turkey holiday should put everybody in a shopping mood. We have found that our artistic and Colorado based items have been a major hit, and we will keep our focus on holiday food and artist/artisan presence.

Some pertinent info:

1. The 2019 Kris Kringle Market will be Friday and Saturday, November 29th and 30th from 11:00 am to 3:30 pm.

2. Applicants will need to send two photos of their artwork and one of their tent with their application. The goal of the Kris Kringle Market is to enhance guests’ holiday experience, so please feature holiday items. This can be holiday cookies, holiday gifts, and holiday food. Email us at with photos or if you have any questions.

3. The market fees are $170 for each 10 x 10 tent space. We will have security overnight and ask for $50 to cover the cost. The tents may stay up Saturday night.

4. The Town of Vail requires vendors who do not have a Vail Business License to purchase a $75 Special Event Sales Tax License. The license is attached - please make the check out to the Town of Vail.

5. The Market will be outside in Vail, snow or shine. Please come prepared!

6. All vendor applications will be reviewed by a jury. If accepted into the market, your remaining tent fee will be due by October 1st.

Thank you!
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