Activate Abundance Assessment
Hi sister, this is your application for an Activate Abundance Assessment with Chris Williams. If you've found your way here, I know you are a soulful wellness entrepreneur who wants to create a purposeful impact in the world and create a thriving, prosperous practice. The great news is your GET TO have BOTH. Without compromising your values and integrity as a heart centered entrepreneur. WHOOO HOOOO!

This is your opportunity to have support around identifying 3 things. We will Keep it SIMPLE.

1) What are the life and business strategies that are working for you now, and how you can up level those pieces to create more wealth in your business, time freedom in your calendar and step into the lifestyle you desire while reaching your goals.

2) Identify what is in your way, how you might be blocking abundance, overcomplicating the process and what may be predictable to stop you as you grow your heart centered practice.

3) Map out your next best SIMPLE strategies for you to take to KISS (keep it simple sister) so you can generate BOTH impact in the world and abundance in your bank account.

This assessment has some specific questions to help me make sure I can support you in the most impactful way possible. I want to make sure that I can in fact, help you create the breakthrough you desire. If, after reading your application, I feel there is someone who could serve you better, I'll gladly make a referral.

Applications are approved based on if I feel I am the best fit to serve you where you're at, and on availability. Approved applicants will receive a link to book a session with Chris.

The Activate Abundance Assessment is an easy yes of $97, and can be paid at the time of booking.
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Are you committed to showing up at a 10 for yourself and taking the action steps to build a thriving wellness practice? (there is no maybe) *
After your assessment with Chris, one of three things will happen. 1) we will mutually agree that you have what you need and no further support is needed. 2) We realize there may be someone who is a better fit to help you get the results you desire and a referral will be made. 3) We will see that there is an opportunity to work together and we will have a conversation around what working long term together will look like. I have several options and want to guide you to the best fit for you. Are you good with that? *
How much are you willing to invest in your business this year in service of creating your desired results? *
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