ICNC-Make City Business Needs Assessment
ICNC is seeking your input as we determine how many of our tenants have been affected by COVID-19. ICNC understands that COVID-19 has created a new economic landscape for businesses across the country.

The information you provide in this survey will allow us to assess the types of resources and aid our incubator community found the most helpful during this challenging time. It will also allow us to understand how our programs and services need to adapt in light of the new environment.

For additional COVID-19 resources, please visit www.industrialcouncil.com/covid-19-updates-guidance-and-resources-for-make-city-tenants.html.
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Describe your current business situation and how it has changed since this crisis started.
How many team members (if any) have you had to let go since the crisis began? *
How has monthly revenue for your business been impacted since the crisis began? *
Are you in need of funding?
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If you were to receive financial support, how would you prioritize allocating the money (select all that apply)?
During this pandemic, are you doing any of the following?
How would you predict your business growing after the crisis? *
Are you satisfied with ICNC’s Make City Community Engagement during the COVID-19 pandemic? *
How can ICNC improve Make City Community Engagement moving forward? *
What do you need most help with?
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