STS Research Forum & Poster Session: Abstract Submission Form
The Research Committee of the ACRL Science and Technology Section (STS) is hosting its Annual Research Forum (Sunday, June 23, 2019) and Poster Session (Sunday, June 23, 2019) at the 2019 American Library Association Annual Conference in Washington, DC.

The Research Forum and Poster Session provide an excellent opportunity to share a wide range of research projects relevant to science and technology librarianship. The Research Forum provides an opportunity for 10 or 20 minute original research presentations, with critique by a guest commentator, while the Poster Session offers an opportunity to interact and discuss research with session attendees.

Submissions will be blind reviewed and selected based on the quality of the submission and the demonstration of significant progress toward completing the research project by June 2019. This includes: brief background information about your project, the research question or problem that drove your project, the methods used, your findings, and a brief discussion that includes the impact of your project.

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