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Metro Atlanta GAMFT is always looking for a few good members to become Associates with the Chapter! If you're interested in gaining some experience with GAMFT at the local level, volunteering as a Chapter Associate is a great place to start. Once we review your application packet, a Representative will be in touch.
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Open Committees
Metro Atlanta GAMFT has designed active committees that are steered by up to 2 people who advise and serve as point. A Committee Advisor routinely calls for Chapter Associates to serve on committees and/or assist with initiatives. This service may require no more than 4-6 hours upward to 10 or more hours (schedule permitting) of your time per month in-person, online, or by phone. Select any areas below that you think match your particular strengths and interests.
Event Planning
(Advisor - Courtney Geter; Co-Advisor - Kylie Gerks) Do you have a knack for event planning? Then you may be interested in helping out at our local events. Hosting continuing education and networking events is a large part of what we do. The Event Management Initiative Area blankets all committees or task forces that form to plan Chapter events—addressing the many details of organizing successful events is big job. We need Associates year round.
Student Engagement & Empowerment
(Advisor - Stephanie Yates-Anyabwile; Co-Advisor - OPEN) Are you super outgoing? Love to mingle and network? Then you may be perfect for harnessing the power of student participation. As part of the Emerging MFT Initiative, this committee plans outreach with local students and university programs, creates regular student-focused opportunities to connect, and hosts events of all shapes and sizes for the current or prospective MFT student in the Metro Atlanta Chapter!
Social Media, Marketing, & Digital Content
(Advisor - Kylie Gerks; Co-Advisor - OPEN) Are you a concise writer and comfortable with a 140 character limit? Do you love to take photographs or create videos for YouTube? Maybe email blasts are your thing? Well join us in crafting flyers, email blasts, and more! All who regularly tweet, like, follow, or post - we're looking for you! Help Metro Atlanta GAMFT create original content and share the latest and greatest on social media and online platforms.
MFTs on the Ground
(Interim Advisor - Adam Albrite) Are you socially conscious to a fault? Do you often find yourself describing what we do as MFTs to folks who have never heard of an MFT? Give your time as an Associate with this committee to help the Chapter connect with local community partners. It's our job to let the public know what we do, and we can show them by stepping up to the plate. We'll create opportunities for Chapter members to give back to the community, and offer our time as official ambassadors of the MFT profession.
Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Justice
(Interim Advisor - Adam Albrite; Co-Advisor - OPEN) We at Metro Atlanta GAMFT strive toward diversity and cultural inclusion practices every day in our work. We always need a helping hand to foster new ideas, integrate measures of inclusion, and maintain the overall integrity of our Chapter, Association, and Profession. This committee serves at the helm of each mindful step the Chapter makes--ensuring that we are reflexive, attuned to difference, and responsive to social justice.
(Advisor - Courtney Geter; Co-Advisor - Adam Albrite) Are numbers and finances your thing? Do you enjoy building relationships with community partners? Join this committee and you'll support the funding of our Chapter, plus learn more about the processes of managing organizational finances, developing fundraising opportunities, and securing local sponsorship.
Legislative Advocacy
(Advisor - OPEN) Are you super passionate about legislation and governmental affairs? Have a knack for mobilizing people around a particular issue? Volunteer your time to assist in grassroots advocacy to influence public policy for MFTs and the mental health profession in the State of Georgia.
The Pre-Licensed Connector
(Advisor - Dan Upshaw; Co-Advisor - OPEN) Are you a postgraduate working toward licensure or remember what it felt like to be one? Do you find yourself thinking, "Wow, if only I had known that when I was pre-licensed?" Excellent! Help us connect recent graduates (those already local to the peach state or recently transplanted to Atlanta) to Metro Atlanta GAMFT. We can facilitate support around their unique needs. We'll plan and execute Emerging MFT Events, help in any way we can with the licensure process, point to exam resources, be a lighthouse in the stormy weather, and connect them to their fellow MFT family!
Branding & Web Design
(Advisor - Adam Albrite) Are you particularly tech savvy when it comes to web design? Are you a visionary? Really creative when it comes to designing images, logos, etc.? This is one of our smaller committees, as the actions are typically time sensitive and need all hands on deck quickly.
Current Open Board Positions
The Board is comprised of several levels of service that may require more time commitment than the Chapter Associate. These are appointed on a needs-only basis.
Outreach Director
Works closely with Chair to oversee all outreach efforts by the Chapter; Coordinates outreach with fully licensed MFTs or LMFTs who have recently moved into the Metro Atlanta Chapter district; Advises and equips Associate Representatives to organize around the selected mission, initiatives, projects, or events; Strengthens our partnerships with community by developing a good working relationship with groups and organizations in the Metro Atlanta Chapter community; May lead or co-lead committees and task forces centered around Chapter development; Must be a postgraduate (licensed MFT or working toward licensure in MFT) in good standing with GAMFT and willing to serve. 
Legislative Coordinator
Serves as a member of the GAMFT Legislative and Governmental Affairs Committee representing the Chapter; Reports to the Chapter on legislative issues at the state and national level that affect the practice of marriage and family therapy; Organizes a Chapter grassroots network that can be used to mobilize the members when needed to take action on legislation that affects the practice of marriage and family therapy; Must be a postgraduate (licensed MFT or working toward licensure in MFT) or a current MFT student who has reached the practicum phase of their training, in good standing with GAMFT and willing to serve.
Member-at-Large (2)
To accurately represent the Chapter Members Metro Atlanta GAMFT typically maintains two Member-at-Large positions at a time who: Attends all Chapter Board meetings; Assists the Chapter in all initiatives as needed; Shares ideas, guidance, and personal expertise with the Chapter Board; Represents the Chapter, GAMFT, and the profession in the community; Must be a postgraduate (licensed MFT or working toward licensure in MFT) or current MFT student who has reached the practicum phase of their training, in good standing with GAMFT, and willing to serve. 
Statement of Equal Opportunity and Affirming Practice
Metro Atlanta GAMFT is an Equal Opportunity Affirming organization. We strive always to model nondiscrimination, intentional reflection, and practice cultural responsiveness. Therefore, you can expect that we, as an organization, will be inclusive of your race, religion, spirituality, color, national origin and descent, occupational identity, health condition, immigration status, gender identity, age, socioeconomic level, gender expression, sexual orientation, relationship style, level of education, physical ability, and all the demographic identities that make you uniquely who you are. *
'At Will' Volunteer Statement
If accepted as a Chapter Associate, you understand that Metro Atlanta GAMFT is neither obligated to utilize your services as a volunteer nor are you obligated to accept the volunteer requests/assignments offered. *
Final e-Signature Agreement
By clicking below you understand and agree that for your packet to be reviewed, we must also receive an up-to-date brief résumé or CV that includes references, along with this application. Please email those to, with "ATTN: Chapter Associate Application" in the subject line. *
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