Student Technology Survey
This survey is anonymous. Please answer each question to the best of your ability.
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How important are Chromebooks to your ability to study or work on class assignments? *
Do you bring your charged Chromebook to school daily? *
Have you ever lost or misplaced your Chromebook? *
How often do your teachers use Chromebooks in class? *
Every day
Twice a week
Once a week
Social Studies
Other Classes
Do you have access to a computer at home besides your Chromebook? *
Do you have internet at home? *
How often does your homework require a Chromebook/internet? *
When your homework does require a Chromebook, how much time does your assignment take? *
In a typical day, how many hours do you spend on your Chromebook at home? *
How do you spend most of your time on your Chromebook at home? *
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