Petition to Allow Washington & Lee Students to Opt-Out of Namesakes' Portraits on Diplomas
We, the undersigned, call on the administration of Washington and Lee University and President William Dudley to provide students with the option of removing the portraits of namesakes Robert E. Lee and George Washington from their diplomas. Multiple classes, both current students and alumni, have expressed this desire.

We are not asking for a mandatory change to the diplomas, but rather the option to have a diploma without portraits. Washington & Lee's diploma structure has changed over the years to reflect student requests, such as the transition from sheepskin diplomas to paper diplomas. The goal of establishing this option is to create a diploma that alumni are proud to prominently display in their homes and places of work. Given the aftermath of the 2017 Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville and the heightened awareness of making Washington & Lee an inclusive and compassionate environment to all students, we believe this request provides alumni the ability to honor their alma mater without the presence of the portraits that some may find controversial or offensive.

This petition is officially supported by Rev. Rob W. Lee IV, a descendent of Robert E. Lee. Rev. Rob's letter supporting the petition can be accessed here:

This petition is officially supported by the leadership of the Student Bar Association, Women Law Students Organization, OutLaw, the Black Law Students Association, the Jewish Law Students Organization, the Latin American Law Student Association, the Asian Pacific American Law Students Association, the Disabled Law Students Association, Phi Alpha Delta Staples Chapter, the Federalist Society, the American Constitution Society, the Christian Legal Society, the Public Interest Law Students Association, the Student Coalition for Campus Change, the International Law Society, the Moot Court Board, the Kirgis Fellows, the W&L Advocate Coalition, the Journal of Civil Rights and Social Justice, Washington & Lee Law Review, the German Law Journal and the Law News.*

*All opinions are reflective only of the undersigned and not reflective of the university. Any student organization named pertains only to chapters at Washington & Lee University and are not reflective of any national or affiliated organizations.

**Please note that respondent names are not updated in real time and there may be a delay in seeing your name after signing. Questions and comments may be directed to


Chandler Gray, 21L
Adenike Miles-Sorinmade, 21L
Aaron Hardy, 21L
Timothy Wang, 22L
Lucy Dempsey, 21L
Alex Taylor, 20L
Rebecca Richardson, 21L
Joseph Oschrin, 20L
Roy Abernathy, 20L
Elizabeth Drake, 21L
Evelyn Clark, 20L
Namrata Kang, 21L
Talia Homchick, 20L
Cindy Moon, 22L
Stephanie Kley, 21L
Alexandra Clark, 21L
Hannah Cloh, 20L
Katherine Phillips, 20L
Natalie Gordon, 20L
Austin Scieszinski, 20L
Emily Kendall, 20L
Megan Williams, 20L
Christian Reese, 21L
Morgan Richter, 20L
Meghan Prieto, 20L
Rami Abdallah Rashmawi, 21L
Brooke Wilson, 21L
Robert Luke Graham, 20L
Carrie Macon, 20L
Evan Sweeney, 21L
Jac Andrade, 21L
Sicai Zhu, 22L
Danielle Scott, 20L
Ruta Trivedi, 21L
Erin Hayes, 2L
David Crosse, 21L
Mahalia Hall, 20L
Kate Murphy, 20L
Angela Cannon, 21L
Mary Kate Nicholson, 20L
Madison Peace, 20L
Loren Findlay, 20L
Maria Liberopoulos, 20L
Cameron Johnson, 20L
Emma Jennings, 20L
Georgianna Pisano Goetz, 20L
Hannah Coffman, 22L
Kelsey Sherman, 20L
Kaity McClaine, 21L
Jesse Sharp, 20L
Andrea Hilton '85L, Office of Career Strategy
Anna-Marie Chiwanga, 21L
Eshala Bunch, 21L
Haley Santos, 21L
Rebecca Mitchell, 21L
Danielle Novelly, 19L
Autumn Dickerson, 21L
Lauren Robertson, 22L
Courtney Blinn, 22L
Emily Dalessio, 21L
Alexandra Hoyt, 22L
Marissa Baer, 20L
Caroline Crosbie, 20L
Alexandra Castro, 22L
Noriya Shahadat, 21L
Sabrina Matlock, 22L
Luke Millar, 22L
Taylor Lawrence, 20L
Brittany Ryers-Hindbaugh, 20L
Lauren Morina, 20L
Whitney Davis, 20L
Zahra Asadi, 22L
Tomi Akinmola, 21L
Laurel Rodewald, 22L
Whitney Lambeth, 20L
Bethny Barrett , 19L
Corey Hauser, 21L
Charlie Richards, 20L
Rachel Dickson, 21L
Karlo Goronja, 21L
Patty Bowen/ 22L
Daniel Kator, 21L
Kristina Hopf, 21L
Katherine Nelson, 22L
Andrew O’Duden, 21L
Courtney McMullan, 20L
Mary Natkin, 85L
Ellie Williams, 21L
Isabella Gray, 20L
Elizabeth McLellan, 20L
Daniel Barrow, 21L
Courtney Iverson, 20L
Maya Reddy, 21L
Evan Reid, 21L
Emily Zagorski, 21L
Harper Lanier, 21L
Leilani Bartell, 20L
Rosa Nielsen, 22L
Lauren Lanzon, 22L
Warren Buff, 21L
Elizabeth Belmont, Law Faculty
Emma Burri, 22L
Lauren Sayers, 20L
Kimia Movahed, 20L
Carliss Chatman, Law Faculty
Lauren Cassel, 19L
C. Deen, 21L
Alora Jiang, 21L
Shelby Peasley, 20L
George Bouchard, 21L
Hector Quesada, 21L
Benedetto Borgesano, 21L
Jordan Miceli, 22L
Elizabeth Hudson, 22L
Melissa Lagoumis, 20L
Kathrine McLaughlin, 19L
Rich Gilliland, 22L
Luis F. Inarra Rojas, 22L
Nikolai Abaev, 22L
Kenneth Kettler, 20L
Alex Wilson, 20L
Selena Govan, 22L
Lara McMahon, 20L
Raven C. Burks, 22L
Alex Moldauer, 21L
Kasia Wiggins, 20L
Schuyler Cottrell, 22L
Katrina Jedamski, 22L
Landen Benson, 22L
Christi McLinn, 20L
Lizzy Barbaree, 21L
Blake K. Huddleston, 15, 18L
Ross Harvey, 22L
John Dorsey, 20L
Michael McCormack, 21L
Russel Wade, 22L
Andrew Fox, 16, 21L
Amanda Triplett, 20L
Alexander Bailey, 21L
Tom Petersen, 20L
Allie McKnight, 21L
Seth Kuntz, 21L
Daniel Carlisle, 19L
Brooke Baird, 22L
Natey Kinzounza, 20L
Katharine Agbenohevi, 22L
Douglas Malenfant, 19L
T.J. Benedict, 22L
Joe Barton, 20L
Karen Woody, Law Faculty
Kenneth Snavely, 22L
Mackenzie Cooper, 21L
Chris Chino, 21L
Waid Barfield, 20L
Helena Hahm, 20L
Max So, 20L
Brian Becraft, 20L
Pearce Embrey, 18, 22L
Jake Walker, 22L
Dami Lawal, 20L
Stefani Evans 19L
Andrew Klimek, 20L
Claire Williams, 22L
Ryan D’Ercole, 22L
Virginia Gordon, 21L
Rashanna Butler, 20L
Kyle Ericson, 21L
Phillip Harmon, 22L
Mari Gonzalez, 22L
Julia Kerr, 21L
Audrey Moore, 20L
Megan Comunale, 21L
Christine Ward, 21L
Virginia Robinson, 05L
Taylor Woods, 08
Matthew Trinidad, 06L
Kimberly Shi, 21L
Shad Brown, 21L
Susan Somers, '05
Joanna Perini-Abbott, 04
Lauren LaFauci, 01
Joshua T. Harvey, 00
Alissa Garufi, 22L
Danielle Jackson Carter, 05L
Matt Black, 19L
Colin Emrich, 21L
Liz Horsmon, 05
Cary Martin Shelby, Law Faculty
Sarah Ashworth, 22L
Collier Kelley, 20L
Shannon Bell, 00
Eloise Thome, 02
Shreya Durvasula, 09
Chris Watts, 22L
Daniel Martin, 17L
Katherine Evans, 22
Anahita Mohtasham-Gharagozloo, 21L
Valerie Bruneau Stone, 02
Malcolm X. Hines, 10
Kelly Cunningham, 19L
Alexis Yee-Garcia, 01
Daniel Rhoades, 19
Joy Putney, 16
Bo Mahr, 17L
Alyssa Montemayor, 21L
Matt Donahue, 18L
Ashley Duckworth, 20L
Trey Smith, 22L,
Alex Christensen, '98
Patrick Quimby, 22L
Michael Stinnett-Kassoff, 19L
Lauren Hancock, 21L
Emily Silkowski, 22L
Gail Deady, 11L
Kelley Bodell, 11L
Jacquelin Hacker, 18L
Halley Townsend, 22L
Mark Sullivan, 09L
Cameron Calder, 21L
Cathy Resmer, 97
Nathan Hoyle, 09L
Jennifer Lin, 09L
Patrick Mooney, 84
Tiffany Feller, 19L
Oleg Nudelman, 09L
Christopher Swope, 22L
William Dorrance, ‘11
Jim Moliterno, Law Faculty
Allison Weiss, Law Faculty
Johanna Bond, Law Faculty
David Eggert, Law Faculty
Melina Bell, Faculty
J.D. King, Law Faculty
Dr Robert Wein '68
Sarah C. Haan, Law Faculty
Mona Houck, Law Faculty
Joseph Camden, 09L
Nora V. Demleitner, Law Faculty
Mickie Brown, 21
Olivia Brister, 21
Briyana Mondesir, 22
Kai John-Blunch, 23
Haleigh Tomlin, 22
Virginia Laurie, 22
Brandon Hasbrouck, 11L, Law Faculty
Kadiatou Diallo, 22
Tara Kakkaramadam, 22
Temitope Adeyanju, 21
Abby Miller, 20
Bella Frazier-Pool, 22
Enuma Anekwe-Desince, 22
Brie Belz, 20
Sam Calhoun, Law Faculty
Emmanuelle Compton, 22
TJ Briggs, 18L
Dominque Broomfield, 22
Amber Morrison, 23
Brian Murchison, Law Faculty
Cloy Onyango, 20
Sydney Lee, 22
Betelihim Haile, 22
Caitlin Peterson, 19L
Elena Kruse, 20
David Bruck, Law Faculty
Sarai Warrick, 23
Karen Vallejos, 20L
Henry Cleland, 22L
Sarah Vanderhoff, 22L
Chris Seaman, Law Faculty
Joan Shaughnessy, Law Faculty
Rashanna Butler, 20L
Christy Barongan, University Counseling Faculty
Duck Bracey, 20
Charles Bonani, 21L
Jill Fraley, Law Faculty
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