Greater Manchester Clore Social Chapter
If you would like to become part of the Greater Manchester Clore Social Leadership Chapter, then drop us your contact details and preferences below and we can let you know when our next events are coming up.

The chapter is a place for Clore Social Leadership Fellows and Leaders from across the social sector to connect, collaborate and support each other.
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WhatsApp: This will be a space for announcing the meetings and locations and for general member requests for support. We ask subscribed participants to use this platform selectively to make requests for support and that once a connection is made, the interested parties take the conversation offline so as to avoid the group becoming too notification heavy.
Email: The meetings will also be announced through this channel. The follow up survey will be released through email and the links and attachments will be included for members to reference.
What can you offer other social leaders?
What do you hope to get from the other social leaders who are part of the Chapter?
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