Women of the World Volunteer Feedback Survey
Thank you for sharing your time and talents with Women of the World. We are making every effort to learn from you and your experiences, as such, your feedback is critical in helping us improve WoW and better support our refugee sisters. We appreciate you taking the time to answer the questions below.
How long have you been volunteering with WoW?
What do you do as a volunteer?
How has your experience been thus far?
What challenges have you faced?
Do you feel like you are helping refugee women become self-reliant? Please elaborate.
We are considering creating a training manual, and offering regular trainings for volunteers. Do you think this would be beneficial for volunteers? Please elaborate.
If you like the idea of trainings, what topics should be included?
Please offer suggestions on how we can better support you as a volunteer.
If you could give advice to future WoW volunteers, what would it be?
What suggestions do you have for WoW staff to improve the program?
Anything else you'd like to share?
Thank you for your participation! If you'd like us to follow up with you on any of your feedback, please leave your name here.
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