Albany Youth Ski Trip 2018

Crested Butte, CO | 12/29/17 - 1/3/18

We will be leaving Albany at 2 p.m. in church vans and heading to Amarillo on December 29th. We will arrive in Crested Butte on the morning of the 30th. We will return home by mid day on January 3rd.

To officially sign up for this trip, fill out this on-line form and turn in a $100 deposit to Kellie Sherwood at the MMPC church office.

Base price $625 - includes - bus, lift tickets, rentals, dinner and hotel
Albany Youth Ski Trip Forms
First Name of Student(as it appears on ID) *
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Student's Cell Phone # *
Student's E-mail Address *
Gender *
School *
Grade Level *
3 Friends I'm Interested In Rooming With: *
T-Shirt size *
I plan to Ski, Snowboard or Neither *
Rate Ability (for activity chosen above) *
Height of Skier/Boarder *
Weight of Skier/Boarder *
Shoe Size of Skier/Boarder *
For Snowboarders only, which foot FORWARD(skiers and non-skiers choose NA) *
I Plan to Purchase a Lesson(cost is an additional $125)
Please choose the correct Ski Package(check only one option) *
I plan to apply for Financial Aid and understand the Application needs to be turned in immediately to MMPC Office. *
Parent Contact Info: Father Name & Cell *
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Student's Physician (Name & Cell #) *
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If Student takes any medications, please give Name, Dosage and Time Taken *
Medical Insurance Company *
Medical Insurance Phone # *
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Medical Insurance Group # *
TRAVEL RELEASE - I hereby authorize my child to travel with the Matthews Memorial Presbyterian Church Youth Leaders from 12/29/17 - 1/3/18 and I give authorization to the adults serving on behalf of Matthews Memorial Presbyterian to act as my agents. *
MEDICAL RELEASE - In an emergency, I give my permission to any physician, dentist or health care attendant: 1) to secure proper intervention, x-ray examination, medical or surgical diagnosis and treatment, anesthesia, hospitalization, and any other medical attention for my youth; and 2) to communicate with any MMPC youth leader accompanying my youth. *
LIABILITY RELEASE - As the parent or legal guardian, I agree to assume and accept all risks and hazards inherent in any MMPC Youth Ministry Activity in which my youth participates. I agree NOT to hold Matthews Memorial Presbyterian Church of Albany (MMPC) or its employees or its volunteer assistants liable for damages, losses, or injuries (harm) to my youth or his or her property, including harm resulting from negligence of MMPC or negligence of any MMPC employee or MMPC volunteer. I understand that I am signing for the youth listed on this form and my signature completely releases MMPC, its employees and volunteer assistants from all claims, damages, and liabilities, including bodily injury and death, as a result of this activity or due to the negligence of Matthews Memorial Presbyterian Church or its employees or volunteer assistants. *
FINANCIAL POLICIES - I understand that a deposit is required to secure my child's spot, and that I'm responsible for paying the entire trip balance by December 15th, 2017. Cancellations must be made before December 15th, 2017 in order to receive a refund (less the deposit fee). Cancellations made after December 15th, 2017 waive the right to a refund. *
BEHAVIORAL EXPECTATIONS - My child and I understand that behavioral expectations are laid out to students on the first day of the trip and I expect my child to adhere to these expectations throughout the duration of the trip. In the case that my child does not adhere to these expectations, MMPC Leaders at their sole discretion may determine the appropriate consequences for their behavior, which may include sending my child home (at my expense). I also accept financial responsibility for any damages caused by my child during the course of this trip.
DRUG & ALCOHOL AGREEMENT - My child and I understand that if he or she is caught in possession of drugs or alcohol (including e-cigarettes) during the course of this trip, I accept full responsibility for arranging and paying for all parts of his or her transportation home (airport shuttle, cab, airfare, etc) and I understand my child will not travel home with the group, even if travel occurs the same day.
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