Needs Assessment Survey - Washington Elementary
Dear Parent or Guardian,

You are receiving this notification because Washington Elementary would like to ask your opinion concerning the school. You are encouraged to comment on any one of the survey questions given. After selecting the grade level(s) of your child or children, answer each question by clicking YES or NO.
Grade Level(s) of Children Who Attend Washington Elementary *
1. I feel my child is safe at school. *
Comment on Question 1 (Optional):
2. Teachers have high expectations for themselves and the students at my child’s school. *
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3. Additional support and instructional time is available for my child if he/she needs it. *
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4. I am always welcome at my child’s school. *
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5. I often see administrators throughout the school talking to students. *
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6. Teachers in my child’s school help students to achieve state and local standards. *
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7. I feel that my child is treated fairly at his/her school. *
Comment on Question 7 (Optional):
8. Most students at this school will eventually graduate from high school. *
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9. Teachers use a variety of tests to determine what my child knows in order for him/her to be successful. *
Comment on Question 9 (Optional):
10. Teachers regularly communicate with me about my child’s progress. *
Comment on Question 10 (Optional):
11. I can meet with or speak to the administrators at my child’s school when needed. *
Comment on Question 11 (Optional):
12. I feel teachers are prepared to teach my child what he/she needs to be successful. *
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