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Dear content partners and affiliates,

Thank you very much for your support for KLOOK. In order to expedite the handling of the sponsorship needs for everyone, please kindly help us fill out the following information.
After receiving your request, KLOOK will reply within 2 weeks. If you don't hear back from us after 2 weeks, your application is considered unsuccessful.

*Recommended date for submission:  3 weeks - 2 months before your trip starts.
If the application is close to your departure date or the content is not clear, KLOOK may not be able to cooperate with the sponsorship of the activities and booking time.*

Sponsorship Evaluation Criteria:

New Partner: 1. Nature of Content  2. Content Guide 3. Website Traffic 4. Cooperation and Development 5. Dissemination Force 6. Promotion Articles

Partners: 1. Nature of Content 2. Content Guide 3. Performance of Past Cooperation (Transferable ... etc) 4. Website Traffic 5. Promotion Articles 6. KLOOK exclusive

If you have other request regarding the project coordination, please put in the field 'Other message'
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Include the activity name and date (for example: Universal Studios Japan_28/7/2018, Osaka Amazing Pass_29/7/2018). Please go through the booking process on our website and ensure that the activity is available on the selected date. No sponsorship will be provided if no service is available on the selected date.*
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