SMM Internship Application
We are excited that you are interested in becoming a SendMeMissions Intern. In order for our team to get a better idea of who you are, why you would like to serve, your gifts, talents and time commitment levels, please fill out the following:
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How long have you lived in Hardee County? *
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What are your strengths? *
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SMM uses Google Drive for all of our documents, forms, and promo. Are you familiar with Google Drive and able to access Google Drive documents? *
Spiritual Journey
SendMeMissions is a faith-based non-profit. To ensure that our mission is carried out in a biblical manor, please share with  us your faith journey...
Please give your testimony in 1-2 paragraphs. *
Where do you attend church? *
Are you a member at this church? *
How are you currently serving at this church? *
Missions Background
Why do you want to be an SMM Intern? *
What does missions mean to you? *
If you could pick one area of SendMeMissions that you would LOVE to serve in, what area would that be and why? *
Have you ever been on a mission trip before? If yes, where and when?
Have you ever traveled outside the United States, not including mission trips? If yes, where and when?
3 references are required before your Intern Application will be reviewed. SMM will email each reference listed below asking them to fill out a Reference Form within 2 weeks of your application. We encourage you to ask their permission to list them as a reference before submitting their information to us. Their answers will not be shared with you at any point during the review process but may provide us insight on additional questions that we feel are necessary to determine your eligibility as an Intern with SMM.
Personal Reference Name, Number & Email (must have known you for at least 3 years & 25 years or older) *
Professional Reference Name, Number & Email (must have known you for at least 1 year) Example: Teacher, Coach, Boss *
Spiritual Reference Name, Number & Email (Example: Pastor, Bible Study or Small Group Leader, Spiritual Mentor) *
If you are under the age of 18, Parent Reference Name, Number & Email
Intent to Serve
I agree to attend regular scheduled meetings on a consistent basis. According to our by-laws the absence of a Director/Intern from 3 consecutive meetings or the failure to attend 75% of the meetings in a given calendar year may be grounds for removal from the Board by a majority vote at any called meeting. *
I agree to review all meeting material via Google Drive prior to the meeting. (If unable to attend the meeting, agree to review the documents and email any comments, questions or concerns at least 1 day prior to the meeting & review the minutes shortly after the missed meeting in order to stay informed) (Skype/FaceTime are available for Directors that may be out of town & still wish to participate in the meeting). *
I understand that all donor information is the property of SendMeMissions, Inc., is confidential and should not be discussed with anyone other than another Director. *
I agree to sign our Conflict of Interest Policy. *
I understand that when asked to represent SendMeMissions, Inc at an event, training, conference, outreach or mission trip, the primary goal of the Director/Intern is to represent and convey the mission of SendMeMissions to those attending. *
I agree to play an active role by: Taking on monthly responsibilities of the operations of SendMeMissions, Inc., attending local outreach events, serving on the Race Committee. *
I agree to remain active in a local church, understanding that SendMeMissions, Inc., does not serve as a church or replace the local church but is a support ministry to the local church. *
SMM Ministry Needs
As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, operating 100% on volunteers, it is vital to our ministry that each Board Member/Intern contribute to the overall mission and goal of our organization.
Please select areas that interest you that pertain to SMM's Focus, Mission & Goals (Foreign: International, Home: United States, Local: Hardee County)
SMM has only 1 fundraiser a year to raise money for our operating costs. The race is always the first Friday in May. Will you be available on this date and the week before to help with preparation? (Board Members/Interns are not permitted to register and participate in the race.) *
Commitment to Serve
I have prayed about serving as an Intern for SendMeMissions, Inc. and agree to the above commitment for at least one year. In the event my circumstances do not allow for me to serve as an Intern, I will respectfully notify the rest of the Directors and resign. (All resignations should be placed in writing.) Please sign your name below if you agree to serve for 1 year. *
Additional Information
Is there any additional information that you would like to share with us to be included in your application?
Thank You
Thank you for your willingness to serve and your interest in joining our team. Upon receiving your application, you can expect the following to happen:

1) Within 7 days of receiving your application, we will email your references with a link for them to respond.
2) Upon receiving responses from your references, your application and reference responses will be emailed to our Board of Directors for review.
3) Finally, we will notify you by email of our decision.

Please let us know if you have any questions about the process.

Serving Him,
SendMeMissions, Inc.
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