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Thank you for your interest in joining the board of Girls Rock Athens. The board will review applications and schedule interviews in December.
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Girls Rock Athens Mission and Core Values:
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Can you commit to quarterly 2 hour meetings (January, April, July, October) with up to 2 additional board meetings (as needed) as well as approximately 10 hours of additional focus on tasks, committees, or the like between meetings?
What professional or personal constraints on your time or service do you anticipate?
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Are you able to commit to a one year term (with the option of renewing for up to two additional years) *
Are you willing to make a financial commitment that is a stretch? What is a stretch? It is a gift that is larger than the gift a person might otherwise give. We expect a 100% board commitment to personal donations and/or personal fundraising for the organization.
How do you respond to feedback (positive and negative) in a group setting?
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Is there anything else that you would like for us to know about you while considering your application?
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