S.W. Smith Memorial Public Library Materials To-Go Request Form
Please use the online library catalog to help you complete this request: https://evolveopac.infovisionsoftware.com/senecamckean/?Location=SW%20Smith
You also have the option to list suggestions if you don't know which library materials you want.
Inter-Library Loan (ILL) is temporarily suspended, please only choose library materials that are listed in the S.W. Smith Memorial Public Library catalog.
Please limit your request to 5 items.
Library Staff will contact you when your library materials are ready for pick-up.
If you have questions about this form, please call: 814-642-9210 between 10am and 4pm Monday-Friday.
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Library Material requests (from online catalog)
Using the online library catalog, list the titles and authors of the library materials you are requesting. If requesting DVDs, just the title is needed. Please limit your request to 5 items. Link to online catalog: https://evolveopac.infovisionsoftware.com/senecamckean/?Location=SW%20Smith
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Library Material requests (suggestions for me)
Not sure what you want? Give the library staff an idea of what you like or what you are looking for. You may list favorite authors, series, subjects, genres. Please let the library staff know if you require Large Print. For example: "I like mysteries. I like Agatha Christie and Joanne Fluke. I need Large Print. I would also like 1 audio book." Please limit your request to 5 items.
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Library request alternate title suggestions: If the titles or authors you want are not available (checked-out) please list 3 alternate titles you would like instead. The library staff will do their best to fulfill your request.
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