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Inclusion Factors (IF)......Be 50/50. Find. Align. Innovate. CoCreate  
We invite you to join BiTHOUSE 50/50.  Be part of a global initiative to build awareness amongst the industries of technology, health, agriculture and food to be more inclusive of female voices and build awareness of #BH5050 strategic approaches which utilize and implement diversified business practices and network affiliations. This initiative was created to align with the various digital, innovation, acceleration, and venture efforts of startups, SMEs, Corporates and Government entities to enable them to be more inclusive of female voices by the end of 2020. Join us and be part of the #BH5050 Inclusion Factors Initiative┬«
When you submit your profile today, spread the word amongst female leaders in tech - spanning the areas of IoT, AI, healthtech, foodtech, and agtech in order to help management teams, conference organizers, human resource professionals, and venture, to identify and integrate their frontline efforts to be more inclusive of women and women of color.  Take it one step further and tweet our commitment with others using #BH5050.
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As a Global Tech and Talent Scout / Venture Development and Human Capital Firm, we care about inclusiveness, integrity and equal opportunity.   From advisory / management board seats, to event participation, moderators to speakers, to executive invitations, and charities we want to lead the change and be truly balanced in our alignment, recommendations and representation of the ratio of women to men.  We are also pushing for a 50/50 women to women of color (WOC) balance amongst the women within our networks. Join us in order to achieve a 50/50 balance on leadership teams, boards, startups and conferences by 2020. #BH5050            
With Regards,
Wilhelmina Jewell Sparks
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