Camino Institute Reservation Inquiry
Use this form to request and "pencil in" space for a Camino Institute International Seminar or Language Immersion, for yourself or on behalf of a group.

This form is NOT a formal reservation. Spaces are only considered reserved upon receipt of the 20% non-refundable deposit, per person.

The minimum size for a cohort at the posted per-person fee level is six clients. The maximum is 12. Groups smaller than 6 are possible, but the per-person program fee will be higher.

Before filling out this form, it is recommended that you read through the "Frequently Asked Questions" document, which is downloadable from the Camino website.
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The regular minimum cohort size is 6 clients. Which of the following best describes your situation? *
If you DO have a group that meets the minimum group size of six, would you prefer that it remain "private," or would you be open to having additional clients join your cohort?
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Please provide the names and approximate age of all travelers for whom you are requesting space, including yourself. (Note: Camino's programs are designed for adult clients aged 18+. Exceptions may be possible depending on the circumstances of the group, but in any case, would require an accompanying parent or legal guardian.) *
Please describe the nature of your group. For example, how do you know each other? What brings this group together? What are your hopes and expectations for your experience together? *
Please use this space to present any questions or concerns you'd like to discuss with us. We can follow up with a conversation to address these. *
Next Steps
Upon submission of this form, either Paul or Adam will reach out to discuss your request by phone or in person. Please understand that this request is not considered a formal reservation. Spaces are only considered reserved upon receipt of a 20% nonrefundable deposit.

NOTE: If the minimum regular cohort size of 6 is not met by 8 weeks prior to travel, there are two options:
1.) The smaller group can proceed with a smaller cohort, but will have an increased fee (along with an increased nonrefundable deposit portion) reflecting the differential between the current group size and the minimum regular size of 6.

2.) The group can cancel, and the deposit will be returned.
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