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[2/8/19 UPDATE: Reopening signups for February slots! Will send you 1st instructions for our scoping call, where we'll decide together if we'll proceed. Thanks so much~]

Hey there, Justine here, and thanks for signing up. This is a form that expresses that you're interested in doing a resume consultation with me! Please note I'm only opening up 10 slots because I want these 10 people to be job hunting ready before March rolls around.

"What does that mean?" We'll work together to craft a resume that'll get your foot in any door you like. I will not be writing your resume for you, since I have no idea what you've done or who you are. Every step of the editing process, I'll be giving you advice on what to change and how to change it in your resume and showing examples. But the bulk of editing and writing will be done by you. If this doesn't sound like something you want to do, please don't turn in this form.

I will also be answering your questions on job hunting and helping you research and answer questions I don't know the answer to.

"When will we meet?" All of this will be done online via Gdocs and Skype calls. We'll work out schedule of the calls depending on how fast you want to get this done. But roughly between 2-3 weeks.

"How much does this cost?" Php2000 for students. Php4000 for working people. If you're unemployed, it depends. I'm open to negotiating it down lower, in exchange for you doing some extra tasks for me. Let me know over the scoping call or in the email correspondence if this is something you want to look into.

"What's your success rate?" So far, I've sent 2 people to Erasmus, 5 to masters programs abroad, 6 on JTA (meaning they studied abroad via ADMU), 2 on internships abroad (Brussels and Osaka), and 100+ to jobs and internships here in Manila. FMCGs, ad agencies, research positions, consultancies. You name the industry, I've probably helped 1 person in it.

Top 2 weirdest courses I've helped: Mining Engineering and HRM. (I prefer working with business students, but am flexible if the student really wants to work with me.)

Around 25 past students were fresh grads who landed in Php30k+ starting salaries. Suffice to say, you're in good hands. The success rate is 100% for getting your possible employer to call you in for the next step.

"What's this resume consultation's guarantee?" A masterfile CV that you can send anywhere anytime and a targeted resume that you can send to specific jobs you want (so like a brand management targeted resume). If you're a great listener and a fast learner, then we can fix your Linkedin and get some situational interview questions training done. This latter part is entirely optional.

I can't guarantee though that they'll hire you since that also depends on your interview. But I do promise to work with you in figuring out what's your dream job/s, how to send in your applications there, and what to do throughout the whole process. You just have to ask the right questions so we can unlock that too.

"This sounds great, what do I have to do now?" Fill out this form! You'll be receiving an email with instructions on how we'll proceed after turning this in. It'll detail our schedule, scoping call, your pre-work, and payment details. Super excited to be working with you!

"Btw, how will I pay?" Payments are done via bank deposit ahead of time, so either 50% before we start and 50% when we're finished or 100% before we start. If you have any other questions or concerns, you can drop it down below or email to sort it out.

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This is to see if you have previous knowledge already, and a previous working file.
I understand that this whole process is Php2000 for a student and Php4000 for a working person, and I will pay 100% upfront + complete all the pre-work before we proceed with the editing. *
Pre-work will be given to you after scoping call. I would rather we reschedule calls than you come unprepared to them.
If we have leftover time during the calls, we can work on other parts of your job hunting strategy. Please choose what you'd want to work on so I can prepare your templates and work in advance.
This is completely optional, we can also focus solely on just your resume and drop off after that part of the call.
What call schedule do you prefer? We have 90 mins of calls in total. *
I like having 3 30 minute sessions because you get comfortable enough to ask questions and we get to go in depth on the work at hand. This is just to know how our schedule will look, we'll finalize our call sched over our scoping call. *We will not be meeting face to face unless you can come to BGC on a weekday. Please bring that up during scoping call if you want to meet.
I understand that Justine does not have to talk to me in a nice or kind voice, especially if I haven't done the work and/or have disappointed her with my work ethic/lack of understanding. *
I'm telling you right now, I'm a brutal and honest person. I will not sugarcoat things for you, especially if you ask for my honest opinion. I won't be critical for no reason. But I fully expect you to work hard through all this and when you commit to something, you need to deliver it by the next call. If you don't think you can handle someone lecturing you for mistakes you've been asked to correct and didn't, please do not push through in signing up. I want to work with people who are as invested as I am in making better career decisions.
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